Censored Voices

August 6, 2014

Director: Mor Loushy
Producers: Daniel Sivan, Hilla Medalia, Neta Zwebner
Co-Producers: Melanie Andernach, Knut Losen, Jenny Raskin 
Executive Producers: Dan Cogan, Danna Stern, Dagmar Mielke, Nick Fraser, Morgan Spurlock, Jeremy Chilinick, Ethan Goldman  Editor: Daniel Sivan 
Original Score: Markus Aust 
Cinematography: Itai Raziel, Avner Shahaf 
Sound Design: Yoss Appelbaum 
Sound Mixer: Stefan Korte 
Writers: Mor Loushy, Daniel Sivan
Co-writer and Artistic Consultant: Ran Tal 
Editing Consultant: Jean Tsien, A.C.E

Production Company: kNow Productions, One Man Show

About the Film

The 1967 ‘Six-Day’ war ended with Israel’s decisive victory; conquering Jerusalem, Gaza, Sinai and the West Bank. It is a war portrayed, to this day, as a righteous undertaking – a radiant emblem of Jewish pride. One week after the war, a group of young kibbutzinks, led by renowned author Amos Oz and Editor Avraham Shapira, recorded intimate conversations with soldiers returning from the battlefield. The recording revealed an honest look at the moment Israel turned from David to Goliath. The Israeli army censored the recordings, allowing the kibbutzninks to publish only a fragment of the conversations. “Censored Voices” reveals the original recordings for the first time.